Pizza & Grill Menu

Harissa Flatbread
£ 3.50
£ 3.00
Chilli Mixed Nuts
£ 3.00
Margherita Pizza
classic tomato sauce & mozzarella
£ 10.00
Pepperoni Pizza
slices of spicy salami
£ 12.00
Spicy Beef pizza
sliced beef, jalapeno, red onion
£ 12.00
Pizza Napoli Pizza
anchovies, capers, black olives
£ 11.00
Goats cheese Pizza
rich crumbled goat's cheese, spinach, walnut
£ 12.00
Chicken supreme pizza
chicken, peppers, mushrooms, olives, red onion
£ 12.00
Barbeque pizza
pepperoni, chicken, red onion, mushroom, barbecue sauce
£ 12.00
Garlic Tagliatelle
tagliatelle pasta with wild garlic & almond pesto, broccoli, preserved lemon & parmesan
£ 17.50
Lamb Burger
curry mayo, pickled shallot, wild garlic bun & skinny fries
£ 14.50
Garlic Bread
£ 3.50
Cheesy Garlic Bread
£ 3.50
Rocket Parmesan
£ 3.50
Skinny Fries
£ 3.50
Triple Cooked Chips
£ 3.50

Local wines and beers

Cotswold Dry Gin 200Ml
brought to you by the Cotswolds distillery boasting flavors of smooth citrus and pink grapefruit
£ 15.00
Cotswold Hills Rose
a delicious well balanced rose wine with summer fruit flavours
£ 16.00
Cotswold Hills White
a subtle union of peach, melon and mandarin flavors
£ 16.00
Poulton Hill Estate - Arlington Red
with a beautiful nose of cherry, blackberry and hints of strawberry
£ 16.00
Poulton Hill Estate - English Sparkling White
dry, crisp sparkling wine ideal for any occasion
£ 35.00
Three Choirs White- Stonebrook
an off dry, aromatic white wine
£ 16.00
Cotswold Ipa
It leads with a burst of citrus flavour, a touch of sweet honey and caramel, balanced by a smooth bitter finis...
£ 5.00
Cotswold Lager
Pilsner re-imagined. Using a blend of aromatic New World hops, 3.8 Pils is a light-bodied lager with real char...
£ 5.00

Soft Drinks

Fanta Can
£ 1.50
Diet Coke Can
£ 1.50
Coke Can
£ 1.50
San Pelligrino Limonata Can
£ 1.50
Cloudy Apple Cawston Press Can
£ 1.50

Frozen Meals
Delicious home made meals frozen, ready for your oven

Chicken Pie
succulent pieces of chicken paired with leek and earthy mushrooms, finished in a white wine sauce covered with...
£ 4.50
Sweet & Sour Pork
locally sourced pork, a classic Chinese sauce with water chestnuts and pineapple
£ 4.50
Vegan Vegetable Curry With Rice
Fragrant and aromatic vegetable curry with a medium heat cooked in a tomato-based sauce, paired with white ric...
£ 4.50