Combo for 2
Mung Bean Chatpata + Bhajis + Bundo Chaat + Tarka Dhal & Rice + Paneer Tikka + Palak Kofta
£ 33.00
Vegan Combo for 2
Sweetcorn Chevdo + Okra Fries + Bhajis + Bhel Puri + Raghda Pethis + Chole Saag
£ 31.00
Combo for 4
Papads & Kichu + Smacked Khakri + Okra Fries + Bhajis + Bundo Chaat + Ragda Pethis + Tarka Dhal + Egg Bhurji...
£ 55.00

Beers Snacks

Far Far (v)
Colourful rice puffs dusted with our special spice blend.
£ 2.50
Papads & Kichu (v, gf)
A mixture of flavoured poppadom topped with a pickle of lemon, onions, coriander and red chilli.
£ 3.50
Spicy Nuts (v, gf)
Cashews, peanuts, almonds, peas and lentils tossed in our special spice blend.
£ 3.50
Bombay Mix (v)
Savoury snack of ghatia, corn chevdo, chilli papas, dried fruits and nuts.
£ 3.50


Smacked Khakri (v, gf)
Super-fresh smacked cucumber quick-pickle with lemon, garlic, chilli and black salt. Perfect palate-cleanser b...
£ 2.75
Paratha & Thepla (v)
Punjabi and Gujarati style of mixed breads. Potato and cauliflower massala filled Paratha, and tala cooked The...
£ 4.00
Mung Bean Chatpata (v, gf)
Sprouting mung beans, coated corn, cucumber and tomato with a curry leaf, mustard seed and mango powder.
£ 4.75
Cobis Nu Shack (v, gf)
A dry fry of shredded cabbage, peas and carrots. Spiced with panch puran Indian 5 spice and fresh ginger.
£ 4.75
Okra Fries (v, gf)
The ultimate beer snack. Okra in crisp chickpea batter, dusted with black salt and mango powder.
£ 5.00
Bhajis (v, gf)
Crispy onion, kale, and broccoli bhajis spiked with fennel & chilli. Tamarind & red pepper chutney.
£ 5.00
Bhel Puri (v)
The classic Mumbai street snack. Broken samosa pastry and puffed rice, with peas, onion, pomegranate and tomat...
£ 5.50
Aloo & Dhal Kachori (v, gf)
Fried potato and sweet potato patties stuffed with a spicy dhal mix. Served on mint and imli sauces, topped wi...
£ 5.50
Bundo Chaat
Layers of samosa pastry, chickpea, potato, onion, sev, and chilli sauce. Served cool, with yoghurt and tamarin...
£ 5.50
Gobi Manchurian (e, gf)
Indo-Chinese mash-up. Cauliflower and mushroom pakoras tossed in an umami-hot sauce.
£ 6.75
Vada Pav (e)
(vah∙duh pow) The iconic Indian veggie burger. Deep-fried mashed potato ball in a bun, with red and green ch...
£ 6.75
Vegan Vada Pav (v)
(vah∙duh pow) The iconic Indian veggie burger. Deep-fried mashed potato ball in a vegan bun, with red and gr...
£ 6.75
Bhaji Butty (v)
The original menu hack! Bhaji patty, salad, and chutneys in a bun.
£ 6.75
Raghda Pethis (v, gf)
North England meets India. Spiced mushy peas served with potato cake, sev, tomato, onion, and tamarind chutney...
£ 6.75
Tarka Dhal & Rice (v, gf)
Warm-spiced lentil curry with cumin, garlic, and chilli. Served with basmati rice.
£ 6.75
Egg Bhurji (e)
Cumin and green chilli-spiced scrambled eggs, with green peas & coriander. Served with bhatura.
£ 7.00
Chole Saag (v)
Chickpeas & spinach stewed in garam massala, onion, and ginger. Served with puri.
£ 7.00
Paneer Tikka (gf)
Barbecued paneer, mushroom, and peppers marinated in tikka massala yoghurt. Red pepper ketchup & spinach chutn...
£ 7.25
Palak Kofta (gf)
Koftas filled with paneer, potatoes and sultanas. Spiced with cinnamon and methi and served in a spinach and m...
£ 7.25
Paneer Kadai (v)
Paneer cheese simmered in rich mixed pepper & tomato sauce with onions, deggi mirch and kasturi methi. Served ...
£ 7.25


Bhatura (v)
Deep fried indian flatbread fermented with yoghurt.
£ 1.75
Rice (v, gf)
Basmati Rice
£ 1.75
Puri (v)
Deep fried unleavened bread. Portion of 2.
£ 1.75
Kachumber Sambharo (v, gf)
Bitter leaves, cucumber, red cabbage, zingy mustard seed and lemon dressing.
£ 3.00

Soft Drinks

Mango Lassi
Indian yoghurt drink made with Alphonso mangoes.
£ 4.00
£ 3.50
Coke Zero
£ 3.50
Lemony Lemonade
£ 4.00
£ 4.00
Still Water
£ 2.80
Sparkling Water
£ 2.80


This classic Bavarian Lager has fresh and fruity lemon notes giving it a pleasing citrusy flavour. Exceptional...
£ 3.45
AYINGER Kellerbier
A traditional Lager, bottled unfiltered, many of the natural protein, yeast and hop elements remain contained ...
£ 3.15
Belgium sour beer made with a blend of different barrel-aged lambics. Fruity grapefruit and ginger flavour wit...
£ 4.70
DUPONT Saison Dupont
Classic seasonal Belgian Beer. Coppery blond, with the finest aromas and a strong bitternessA thirst-quenching...
£ 3.50
HOGANS French Revelation Cider
A revelation by name and by nature, this is something a little different. This fresh pressed drop is smooth &...
£ 6.00
HOGANS Wild Elder Cider
Delicately sweet, hand foraged elderflower is expertly blended with 100% fresh pressed English cider to create...
£ 3.60
Non-Alcoholic Lager. Biscuity malts and a smooth, citrus hop finish. 0.5% (330ml)
£ 2.50
Banana flavoured fruit Wheat Beer. Fresh, fruity banana sweetness. Fair Trade & Organic. 3.6% (330ml)
£ 2.90
Coconut flavoured fruit Wheat Beer. Easy drinking and creamy, deep coconut flavour. Fair Trade & Organic. 3.6%...
£ 2.90
Non-Alcoholic German Wheat Beer with a big malty taste and rich texture. 0.5% (500ml)
£ 2.15
Traditional German Wheat Beer brewed to their original recipe from 1872. Amber-coloured with nuances of ripe b...
£ 3.60
An equal parts blend of German Wheat Beer and pure grapefruit juice. Zesty, tangy and incredibly refreshing. 2...
£ 2.40