Mortadella al pistacchio
Italian mortadella with pistachio nuts. No need for more.
£ 4.00
Olive siciliane
Crème de la crème selection of olives: Sicilian nocellara and gioconda, Ligurian taggiasche
£ 4.00
Prosciutto di Parma
The unforgettable ham straight from the province of Parma, not to miss.
£ 7.00
Beef bresaola punta d'anca IGP
The best treat for those who aren't a fan of pork: aged cured beef
£ 7.00


Arancini Ragu Bolognese
Chunky fried balls of bolognese risotto made with Italian sausage from our producer Falorni, peas and tons of ...
£ 6.50
Arancini al Tartufo
" Large fried balls of risotto with truffle and mozzarella, downright dirty"
£ 7.50


Crème fraîche, smoked provola, porchetta (thin slices of roast suckling pig stuffed with herbs), potatoes, f...
£ 13.00
Notorious B.I.Cheese
Mozzarella fior di latte, gorgonzola, 24 mesi parmigiano reggiano, herb ricotta, black pepper. We do our very ...
£ 12.00
Truffle Squad
Mozzarella fior di latte, ricotta, black truffle cream, fresh seasonal truffle, button mushrooms sauteed with ...
£ 18.00
Hot Damn
Mozzarella fior di latte, San Marzano tomato sauce mixed with spicy nduja, topped with spicy sausage, tarragon...
£ 13.00
Margherita 2.0
Mozzarella fior di latte, San Marzano tomato sauce, parmigiano, fresh basil. We do our very best to deliver yo...
£ 10.00
Elizabeth Regina II
Mozzarella fior di latte, San Marzano tomato sauce, small button mushrooms, cotto ham with herbs, taggiasche o...
£ 15.00


The One and Only Lasagna
" Big fat home-made lasagna with delicious Cornish beef and pork ragù, tomato sauce and fennel seeds, ri...
£ 14.00
Conchiglie al Tartufo
Conchiglie gratin with parmigiano, fresh truffle, black truffle cream, mascarpone and little mushrooms
£ 18.00


Pannacotta e Crema di Castagne
Creamy pannacotta with chestnut cream, pear and vanilla marmalade
£ 4.50
Lemon Pie XXL
Very tangy, crisp, stratospheric layer of meringue
£ 6.00
You Naughty Cookie
Decadent chocolate-praline cookie, fondant gianduja heart
£ 4.00
Il Tiramisù
Ultra creamy, with a fluffy biscuit base
£ 6.50
Shut your Mousse
Unforgettable Valrhona chocolate mousse, hazelnut praliné, milk chocolate crunchy wafer on top
£ 4.50


Raspberry Yoghurt Gelato
"Our super smooth and creamy home-made Italian ice cream. The bomb. "
£ 4.00
Chocolate & Brownie Gelato
"Our super smooth and creamy home-made Italian ice cream. The bomb. "
£ 4.00


Better Dayz Spritz
" Aperol, Prosecco, passion fruit, mango, grapefruit bitter, sparkling water"
£ 5.00
Negroni Tea Amo
" Smoked Beefeater gin, vermouth blend, Bitter Campari, Earl Grey tea, citrus fruit"
£ 7.00


Stray Dog (Bitter Ale)
bittersweet amber beer, malty and citrussy (4.2%)
£ 5.00
Stria (Italian Blonde Ale)
delicate and light beer, floral aroma and crisp finish (4.8%)
£ 4.00
Zona Cesarini (Pacific I.P.A.)
"pacific hops create a tropical, fruity experience (6.6%)"
£ 5.00


ROSSO Nero D'avola Sicilia I.G.T. / Camerlingo / Sicilia
The symbol of authentic Sicily, from organic farming, ruby ​​red color and bouquet of fresh fruits.
£ 17.00
ROSSO Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.T. / Podere I Toccoli / Emilia Romagna
" Notes of currants, round and simple. The perfect match with a pasta dish."
£ 14.00
BIANCO Soave D.O.C. / Balestri Valda / Veneto
" Fresh, floral and intense, romance in the glass."
£ 24.00
BIANCO Falanghina Beneventano I.G.P / La Fortezza / Campania
Light and fresh, citrus notes. A wine of the sun and the terroir.
£ 17.00
ROSATO Rosato Puglia I.G.T. / La Marchesana / Puglia
" The rosé from Puglia, mineral, dry, frank. The ideal son-in-law."
£ 16.00
ROSSO Primitivo Puglia I.G.T. / Polvanera / Puglia
" Fruity. Notes of cherry for this light wine, that's orgasmic."
£ 24.00
SPUMANTE Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso / Corvezzo / Veneto
" Sweet bubbles with citrus flavors from the white Glera grape."
£ 19.00
BIANCO Trebbiano Rubicone I.G.T. / Torre Del Gelso / Emilia Romagna
" Clean, neat and very dry. Sempre freschi, sempre buoni."
£ 16.00


Lurisia Chinotto (27.5cl)
£ 5.00
Peach Juice Organic
£ 4.00
Apple Juice Organic
£ 4.00
Coca Cola (33cl)
£ 3.00
Coke Zero (33cl)
£ 3.00
Lurisia Aranciata (27.5cl)
£ 5.00


Grappa (50cl)
£ 16.00
Limoncello (50cl)
£ 16.00