Chicken Burgers

Twice-fried 100% Irish free-range chicken breast, served in a fresh Amish bun with house pickles.

The Classic
Korean hot sauce, pickled daikon slaw, fresh coriander, coriander lime mayo. Vegetarian option and vegan option available.
€ 9.95
Ssamjang and cheddar cheese sauce, kimchi spring onion, gochujang mayo. Meat free option available - contains fish sauce.
€ 9.95
K-BBQ sauce, sriracha candied bacon, iceberg lettuce, pickled red onion, pickleback mayo. Vegetarian option and vegan option available.
€ 9.95
The Good Good
Ssamjang cheddar cheese sauce, honey & jalepeño relish, bread & butter pickles and hella hot habanero mayo. Vegetarian option available
€ 9.95

Tofu Burgers

We replace chicken with a thick, panko breadcrumbed tofu patty for a tasty vegetarian or vegan option!

Classic Tofu
€ 9.95
K-BBQ Tofu
€ 9.95
Good Good Tofu
€ 9.95
Kimcheese Tofu ** Contains Fish Sauce
** Kimchi contains fish sauce so unsuitable for vegetarians
€ 9.95


Signature twice-fried, 100% Irish free-range chicken. Served with a side of your sauce of choice: Korean Hot, K-BBQ, Sriracha Caramel.

Medium Nugs
€ 8.00
Large Nugs
€ 14.50
Medium Wings
€ 7.00
Large Wings
€ 13.00


Twice fried, hand cut fries
€ 3.75
Poutine, Chimac style. It starts with twice fried hand cut chips tossed in our aromatic Szechuan spice mix. We top it off with rich & creamy Adobo gravy, drippings of ssamjang cheese sauce (just a dash!), sriracha candied bacon, chopped free-range nugs and a sprinkle of spring onions.
€ 9.95
Kimcheese Fries
** Contains fish sauce ** Hand cut fries topped with ssamjang cheese sauce and kimchi spring onion
€ 5.75
Bacon Cheese Fries
Hand cut fries topped with ssamjang cheese sauce, sriracha candied bacon and chopped spring onions
€ 6.25


Cucumber Salad
Freshly chopped cucumber tossed in a spicy, nutty dressing and topped with chilli and sesame seeds
€ 3.95
Side of Sauce
€ 0.00
Side of Ssamjang Cheese Sauce
€ 2.50
Side of Gravy
€ 2.50


Two hand-made cookies sandwich our freshly churned house-made ice-cream. Choose your flavour below!

Ice-Cream Sammies
€ 5.95

XXL Secret Sauces

Love Chimac sauces? We know you do. We've bottled our house sauces for you to enjoy however your heart may desire - 500mls of pure, unadulterated saucy joy!

500ml Korean Hot Sauce
€ 7.95
500ml Sriracha Caramel
€ 7.95
500ml K-BBQ Sauce
€ 7.95

Soft drinks

Diet Coke
€ 2.25
€ 2.25
Rock Shandy
€ 2.25
Something & Nothing Cucumber Non-Alcoholic Seltzer
Tastes like a holiday in can, hence having the picture of a holiday on the can, not a cucumber as you might expect....we like a bit of semiotic tomfoolery.
€ 3.25
Something & Nothing Yuzu Non-Alcoholic Seltzer
Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit. It tastes like the sound a band would make if their members were a tangerine, grapefruit and a lemon...and you could actually taste sound.
€ 3.25
Something & Nothing Hibiscus & Rose Non-Alcoholic Seltzer
Its sharp, refreshing, botanical and definitely unexpected. Tastes like: Refreshment from another dimension.
€ 3.25

Craft Beer

Racer 5 IPA, Bear Republic Brewing, California 7.5%
€ 5.75
Founders, Green Zebra Watermelon & Sea Salt Gose, Michigan, 4.6%
€ 5.75
Rascals, Jailbreak Lager 4.2%
€ 5.75
Rascals, Happy Days Pale Ale, 4.1%
€ 5.75
Whirl Domination, To Øl, 6.2%
€ 6.50
A Little Goes A Long Way, To Øl, 3.5%
Micro IPA, 3.5%, 440ml
€ 6.50
Sour Suzie, Lervig, 4%
Berliner Weisse, 4%, 330ml
€ 5.75


Korea's most popular drink - Soju is most often enjoyed straight up or in Somaek (소맥), where a dash of soju is added to beer!

Somaek Kit - 1x Soju & 2x Rascal's Lager
One bottle of Chum Churum Soju 360ml and two cans of Rascal's Helles Lager. A suggested ratio of 30% soju and 70% beer is widely accepted as a good start but it's up to you - we're a fan of 50/50! Pour the beer into a glass & add the soju. Swirl with vigour - you can use chopsticks or a knife if you fancy. Don't forget to cheers or 건배!
€ 26.50
Chum Churum Soju 360ml
360ml of 17.5% Soju. Product of Korea
€ 18.50

Frosé to Gosé

Flat pack Frosé, frozen and ready to enjoy. All you need to do is crush and squeeze the pack until it's nice and slushee, then simply cut it open, pour into a worthy vessel and enjoy! Available in portions of 2 & 4 drinks.


Chimac Recycled Cotton Tote
Want to look totes cute? Well, we've got what you're looking for! No matter the season, the Chimac 100% Organic Cotton tote bag is a total showstopper. Save the planet and carry your cans with ease, wherever you go.
€ 15.00
Cheeky Little Cocktail Cup
What's the perfect gift for the frosé freak in your life? The Chimac Cheeky Little Cocktail Cup, obvs! Custom made with a lotta love and affection, it'll bring joy and delight to its lucky new owner. Custom made with the finest enamel, it's both beautiful and sturdy. Keep it in the freezer for the coolest cocktail chalice out there.
€ 15.00


Casa Carmela, Tempranillo, Spain
€ 27.00
La Garde Blanc Languedoc, France, Ugni-Blanc/Colombard
€ 29.00