Mama's Voordeelmenu's
Get your Spaanse Kapsalon with 3 extra toppings and a drink!

El Clásico Menu
Our original Spanish kapsalon with three extra toppings and a drink
14.95 €
El Gordo XXL Menu
Our legendary XXL Spanish kapsalon with three extra toppings and a drink
16.95 €
El Vegano Menu (vegan)
Our delicious vegan Spanish kapsalon with three extra toppings and a drink
16.95 €
De Mediterranee Menu (V)
Our tasty vegetarian Spanish kapsalon with three extra toppings and a drink
14.95 €

Slow Cook Bowls
Slowly cooked stews ready to be served!

Seasonal: Al Andalus
Arabic style lamb stew with ginger, carrots, celery, honey, dried fruits, walnuts, pine nuts and a range of mi...
17.95 €
Albondigas de Mamá
Mama's meatballs in homemade tomato sauce, topped with melted Iberico cheese and pesto.
13.95 €
A luxurious vegan take on Mama’s homemade meatballs with cinnamon, saffron, ginger, curry, cumin, pumpkin, s...
15.95 €
Stil mijn honger
Lentil stew with fresh chorizo, Lacon, black pudding from our village, Pimentón de la Vera, Saffron, and loca...
13.95 €
De Tevreden boer
Southern Spanish chicken stew with fresh local farm vegetables, fried iberico bacon, cinnamon, a selection of ...
15.95 €
De Pyreneeën
Lakenvelder beef stew with Iberico bacon, pork sausage, local farm vegetables, cinnamon and dark chocolate, sl...
15.95 €
Gewoon Genoeg (vegan)
Rich vegan lentil stew with fresh local farm vegetables and Pimentón de la Vera, slowly cooked in organic veg...
13.95 €

Wat de pot schaft!

Mama's choice
Let our chefs surprise you! You will receive one of our full-fledged slow cook bowls on daily stock including ...
14.95 €

Spanish Sides

Escalivada 'Barcelona' (vegan)
A mix of freshly grilled vegetables topped with black olives and crunchy pine nuts.
4.95 €
Gambas al Ajillo
Shrimp with garlic, chilli, and herbs, drowned in olive oil, sweet Sherry and Porto wine.
6.95 €
Pan y más
Galician style bread with homemade sauces of choice.
5.95 €
Gazpacho (vegan)
Refreshingly cold soup with tomato, bell peppers, cucumber, onion, garlic, and olive oil.
6.95 €


Barcelona Bowl (V)
Freshly grilled 'escalivada' vegetables on a bed of Mediterranean style potatoes, topped with pine nuts and bl...
9.95 €

De Spaanse Kapsalon (Build your own)
Combine our fresh toppings into your dream Kapsalon!

El Clásico
Patatas Bravas enriched with Mediterranean herbs, chorizo, fried egg, lettuce, melted Manchego cheese and a sa...
11.95 €
De Mediterranee (V)
Patatas Bravas enriched with Mediterranean herbs, fried egg, lettuce, extra melted Manchego cheese and a sauce...
11.95 €
El Gordo XXL
Large portion Patatas Bravas Enriched with Mediterranean herbs, extra chorizo, fried egg, lettuce, extra melte...
13.95 €
El Vegano (vegan)
Patatas Bravas enriched with Mediterranean herbs, vegan chorizo crumble, grilled portobello, lettuce, melted v...
13.95 €


Mama's flan
Mama's secret recipe makes for a delicious creamy dessert prepared with whole eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla.
6.95 €
Tarta Santiago
Santiago's famous soft & sweet almond cake
4.95 €
De spaanse cheesecake
Traditional full-flavoured cheesecake prepared with walnuts and northern-spanish Idiazabal cheese.
6.95 €


Lemon Soda (Homemade)
A refreshing all-natural sparkling drink made with lemon, lime, vanilla and fresh mint.
4.45 €
Mondariz Premium Cola
Spanish cola with 0% Sugar
3.45 €
Charitea - Mate Sparkling
A sparkling infusion of mate and black teas, this is combined with a splash of orange and lemon juices for fru...
3.45 €
Charitea - Green Tea with Ginger
ChariTea Green is made with an infusion of green tea and ginger, lemon juice and sweetened with both honey and...
3.45 €
Bundaberg - Gingerbeer
It's always cloudy in a bottle of good, old-fashioned ginger beer. Hold this bottle to the light and you'll se...
3.95 €
Bundaberg - Pink grapefruit
This delicious citrus drink is so pink it pops on your tongue!
3.95 €
Vichy Lemon
Natural Sparkling Lemon Springwater
3.45 €
Vichy Orange
Natural Sparkling Orange Springwater
3.45 €
Vichy Mint
Natural Sparkling Mint Springwater
3.45 €
Naturfrisk - Elderflower
Organic Elderflower soda drink made from only the best natural ingredients, no added preservatives, artificial...
2.95 €
Estrella Galicia 0,0%
Brewed in the north of Spain, this is the best alcohol free beer you might have tasted
3.75 €