**** SPECIALS ****
Limited Time Specials - get them while you can!!

Wedge Salad
Smoked streaky bacon, tomato, crispy onion, choice of dressing (chipotle ranch, vinaigrette, blue cheese).
£ 8.50

Starters & Sharing

Loaded Fries
Home made molten cheese, pickled jalapeños, spring onions, topped with smoked brisket and smoked pulled pork.
£ 16.95
Veggie Loaded Fries
3 Bean Veggie chili, molten cheese, pickled jalapeños, spring onions.
£ 16.95
Meat Sampler
100g brisket, 100g pork, spicy sausage patty, tangy slaw, BBQ sauces.
£ 19.90
Meat Sampler (Pork Free)
100g brisket, 100g chicken wings, 100 smoked chicken thighs, tangy slaw, BBQ sauces.
£ 22.90
Hickory Smoked Wings
Choice of sauce of tossing sauce: BBQ, buffalo or Fiery Hot (really, it's spicy). Dips: Chipotle Buttermilk Ra...
£ 11.50
Chicken Bites
Panko & Parm crusted smoked chicken bites served with your choice of sauce. *** PLEASE NOTE *** We smoke ou...
£ 9.40
Mad Bites - Chicken
Buttermilk smoked fried chicken bites tossed in our fire dust rub served with scotch bonnet buffalo aioli. *...
£ 9.50
Veggie Fritters (VE)
Grilled broccoli and cauliflower, battered and deep fried with your choice of dipping sauces.
£ 7.90
Wontons - Jalapeno & Cream Cheese
Our twist on wontons, a mad hybrid of wontons, egg rolls, and cream cheese jalapeno poppers. Give it a try! ...
£ 5.40

BBQ Sandwiches

The KC Classic
16hr oak smoked beef brisket with our award winning Original BBQ Sauce.
£ 15.80
Sow Town
14hr applewood smoked pulled pork, crispy onion, tangy slaw in a toasted bun with our award winning BBQ sauce.
£ 9.80
Cow Town
Brisket, molten cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños and an onion ring in a toasted bun with our award winning BBQ...
£ 17.90
Hot Carolina
Pulled pork, house smoked sausage patty, pickled jalapeños and tangy slaw in a toasted bun with our award win...
£ 11.80
The Mad Bird
Buttermilk smoked fried chicken thighs tossed in our fire dust rub served on a toasted bun with crisp lettuce ...
£ 12.50
Smoked Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich
Smoked buttermilk fried chicken thighs with chipotle ranch sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion included. *** PLEASE...
£ 11.90


PFQ Burger
Double patty with diced onions, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, bbq aioli.
£ 11.90
Bacon Cheese Burger
Double patty with smoked streaky bacon, diced onion, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, BBQ aioli.
£ 14.40
Chilli Cheese Burger
Double smashed patties, topped with american cheese, our chili con carne, molten cheese sauce and crispy onion...
£ 13.90
Moving Mountains Burger (VEGAN)
Lettuce, tomato, onion, vegan mayo, mustard and ketchup in a vegan bun (VE)
£ 13.90

Mac and Cheese

Classic Mac 'n Cheese
Lush creamy mac & cheese with crisp panko and parmesan breadcrumbs.
£ 7.10
Piggy Mac
Molten cheese, smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, panko and parm breadcrumb crust.
£ 10.00
Brisky Mac
Molten cheese, brisket, BBQ sauce, panko and parm breadcrumb crust.
£ 12.35


Classic Dog
Split and grilled with ketchup, mustard, crispy onions.
£ 9.50
Chilli Cheese Dog
Split and grilled with chili con carne, molten cheese sauce, crispy onion.
£ 11.70


Seasoned Fries
Skinny fries jazzed up with our all-purpose spice rub. Served with our house made BBQ aioli.
£ 4.95
Cheese Fries
Molten cheese drizzled over seasoned fries sprinkled with pickled jalapeños.
£ 7.45
Mad Hot Fries
Fire dusted fries and scotch bonnet buffalo aioli.
£ 5.50
Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries
Skinny sweet potato fries seasoned with our all-purpose spice rub.
£ 6.30
Tater Tots
With their golden crispy outside and fluffy inside, Tater Tots are as tasty as they are fun!
£ 5.20
Cheesy Tots
Molten cheese drizzled over seasoned Tater Tots topped with our house made pickled jalapenos.
£ 7.70
Onion Rings
Beer battered and browned to perfection.
£ 5.95
Tangy Slaw
Red and white cabbage tossed in our house Dijon vinaigrette (no mayo)
£ 3.80
Chilli Con Carne
A deep rich St. Louis style beef chili.
£ 7.50
3 Bean Chilli
A hearty smoky vegan version of our pit beans.
£ 6.80

Hand Crafted Desserts

Key Lime Pie
Buttery biscuit base with a fresh lime filling served with whipped cream.
£ 5.90
London Black Porter Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
A rich decadent chocolate sponge cake made moist with "London Black Porter" topped with a smooth & c...
£ 5.90

Extra Sauce Pots (2oz)
You can never have enough of our delectable, house made sauces!

Pot of Original BBQ Sauce
Our award-winning rich and smoky barbecue sauce that compliments any dish.
£ 0.70
Pot of Spicy BBQ Sauce
A variation of our original barbecue sauce with an extra kick that creates the perfect balance of sweetness an...
£ 0.70
Pot of BBQ Aioli Sauce
A classic aioli with a Prairie Fire twist of added barbecue sauce.
£ 0.70
Pot of Chipotle Ranch
Our chipotle ranch is a mouth-watering sauce that adds the perfect smoked relish.
£ 0.70
Pot of Blue Cheese Sauce
A creamy blend of tangy blue cheese that brings out the flavours of our meats and other sides.
£ 0.70
Pot of Buffalo Sauce
A rich sauce made with an added touch of chipotle for a sharp and spicy finish.
£ 0.70
Pot of Caribbean Hot Sauce
Inspired by the picante flavours of the Caribbean, this sauce made with heat-packed habanero chilies is perfec...
£ 0.70
Pot of Salsa
Add our homemade tomato salsa to any dish for a fresh and subtly smoky taste.
£ 0.70
Pot of Cheese Sauce
A molten oozy blend of mature and mild English cheddar. So good you could drink it.
£ 2.90

Craft Beers

Jiddler's Tipple - Another IPA (330ml Can)
The medley of four hops gives piney and resinous aromas, with hints of tropical and citrus fruit. There is mal...
£ 5.50
Jiddler's Tipple - Everyday Pale Ale 330ml Can
Everyday Pale Ale won Two Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards. Jiddler's Tipple has created a lower alcohol b...
£ 5.50

Hard Seltzers and Wine Spritzers
Refreshing, fruity seltzer with a bit of a kick (contains alcohol)

The Uncommon - Rose Wine Spritzer, 250ml Can
Meet Peggy! Fruitier than a blooming hedgerow. This rosé wine has been beautifully blended with sparkling wat...
£ 6.50
The Uncommon - White Wine Spritzer, 250ml Can
Meet Alfie! Fresher than a dew drenched meadow. This white wine has been beautifully blended with sparkling wa...
£ 6.50

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Coca-Cola, 330ml Can
Coca-Cola Original Taste is the world’s favourite soft drink and has been enjoyed since 1886.
£ 2.25
Coca-Cola Zero, 330ml Can
Love it light? Add some sparkle to your day, minus the calories with Coke Zero.
£ 2.25
Sprite, 330ml Can
Crisp, refreshing and clean-tasting, Sprite is a lemon and lime-flavoured soft drink. It first hit shop shelve...
£ 2.25
Soda Folk Cherry Soda, 330ml Can
Can you remember those overly-fizzy old school Cherryades that you couldn’t resist? Well, these Cherry sodas...
£ 2.50

Wine by the Bottle and Can

Sanama Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, 750ml
Pale yellow in colour with youthful hues. There are intense aromas of peach and lemon, combined with herbaceou...
£ 23.00
Casa Mia Syrah/Alicante, 750ml
Ruby red in colour, this wine opens with floral notes of violet and red fruit. On the palate, it is soft and r...
£ 20.00
Montes Ltd Selection Pinot Noir, 750ml
Ruby red in colour. On the nose, there are intense aromas of fresh strawberries and tart cherries, with notes ...
£ 31.00
Monrouby Grenache Rose, 750ml
Pale salmon in colour, this refreshing Provençal style rosé is brimming with fragrant red berry fruit, with ...
£ 24.50
The Uncommon - Bubbly Rose Wine, 250ml Can
Meet Eleanor! Light and bright, this rosé is one of strawberries and dreams. Unbelievably delicious and almos...
£ 8.00
The Uncommon - Bubbly White Wine, 250ml Can
Meet Gerald! Dry, refreshing and fizzing with elderflower, green apples and freshly cut grass. Unbelievably de...
£ 8.00