Pizza Schorem
Tomato sauce, homemade vegan cheese, our extra feisty and spicy rosemary garlic oil, plant based salami, red onion and cress. (contains nuts and soy)
14.50 €
Pizza Karma Kaboom
Tomato, homemade vegan cheese, karma shoarma, garlic sauce, paprika, red onion, jalapenos, sriracha and rock chives (contains nuts and soy).
16.50 €
Pizza BBQ Chickie
Tomato, homemade vegan cheese, BBQ marinated 'chicken', red onion, jalapeños, corn, homemade BBQ sauce, spring onion oil, rock chives. (contains nuts and soy)
15.00 €
Pizza Truffellicious
White base, truffle, mushrooms, homemade red onion chutney and oregano.
15.00 €
Pizza Karma Shoarma
Tomato, homemade vegan cheese, karma shoarma, garlic sauce. (contains nuts and soy)
15.50 €
Pizza Papa Ronny
Tomato, home made vegan cheese and cheese sauce, vegan pepperoni, red onion, spring onion and garlic chili oil. (contains nuts and soy)
14.50 €
Pizza Polno
Béchamel, creamy spinach, marinated olives, garlic Ch*ckn, chili flakes and spring onion oil. (contains soy)
14.50 €
Pizza Oh No, Pesto!
Tomato sauce, homemade vegan cheese, our own pesto, roasted cherry tomato, black pepper and rocket. (contains nuts and soy)
14.50 €
Pizza Arti Joking Me
Tomato, homemade vegan cheese, artichokes, olives, red onion and gremolata. (contains nuts and soy)
13.50 €
Pizza Markinara + Basil Crustdipper
Homemade basil infused tomato sauce, garlic, fresh oregano & basil, sea salt and chili oil. Including a homemade basil mayo crustdipper!
10.50 €
Pizza Margherita
Tomato, homemade vegan cheese, gremolata and herbs. (contains nuts and soy)
10.50 €
Pizza Fungky
Tomato, homemade vegan cheese, mushrooms, herbs and garlic oil (contains nuts and soy)
14.00 €
Pizza Happy Shrooms
Parsnip cream, mushrooms, sjalots, old aceto, garlic oil and rocket.
14.50 €
Pizza Bella Bianca
Homemade béchamel, roasted potatoes, asparagus, spring onion and truffle onions.
15.00 €


Classic Lasagna
The best vegan classic lasagna out there. Homemade tomato sauce, veggies, fresh pasta, our home made vegan cheese, oregano and garlic oil. (contains cashew and soy)
13.50 €
White Lasagna
An amazing white lasagna. Homemade béchamel, parsnip cream, fresh pasta, herbs, tomatoes and spring onion oil. (contains soy)
13.50 €

Eat your veggies

Panzanella/Tomato Salad
Fresh Dutch tomatoes, red onion, capers, croutons, sunflower seeds, fennel seeds and basil.
3.95 €
Home made marinated olives
4.00 €
Veggie side salad
4.50 €
Crustdipper - Homemade Truffle Mayo
1.25 €
Crustdipper - Homemade Garlic Mayo
1.25 €
Crustdipper - Homemade BBQ Sauce
1.25 €
Crustdipper - Homemade Avocado Aioli
1.25 €


Homemade Tiramisu
Yes, there it is. The best vegan Tiramisu you can find. (Contains coffee, soy, gluten)
4.50 €
Coconut Cake
7.50 €
Choco Pie
(contains soy and linseed)
6.95 €