Balagan Box

Balagan for Two
Let us mess up your table with love and hummus -Pickled vegetables, olives, smoked almonds -Hummus, bio egg, Israeli olive oil -Labneh, fennel -Israeli cherry ptitim -Latkes, parsnip, whipped cream -Beetroot, lime, horseradish -Shakshuka, tomato sauce, eggs -Pita bread, Za'atar flatbread -Cocos rice, Spiced Rhubarb, Almond, mint As we work with seasonal ingredients, we might replace some products depending on farmers availability
€ 68.00
Brunch Bag (for Two)
Add- on this bag to your balagan and you have no more reasons to get out of the house... -2 American Bagels -2 Breakfast buns -Goat Yoghurt -Middle Eastern Granola -Tahini & Date syrop -2 green tea & verveine iced tea -Salad of Labneh with green asparagus & smoked salmon
€ 39.00

Big Bites

From the streets of Telaviv, we recommand to respect the pick up time and eat them hot and steamy!

Pastrami sandwich
Challah, green tahini, pickled cucumber.
€ 18.50
Chicken Schnitzel
Chicken schnitzel in flatbread with coleslaw, sumac yoghurt and red zhug
€ 15.00
Tel a dog
Za’atar brioche bun, lamskofta, jalapeno, gegrilde aubergine
€ 11.50
Pita bread, grilled eggplant, egg, amba, chopped salad
€ 14.00
Tomato compote, egg, onion, 2 pita bread.
€ 16.00

Small Bites / Sides

Perfect to share or to add to your big bites

Lime , olive oil, fennel, za'atar
€ 7.50
Bio egg, cherry tomato & olive oil (IL)
€ 9.00
roasted eggplant, chili oil, tahini, tomato salsa
€ 10.50
Popcorn - Sesame
€ 9.00
Israeli Salad
Sumac- Green Herbs
€ 7.00
2 Pita breads & Za'atar flatbread
2 Pita breads and a piece of Za'ater flatbread
€ 4.00

Bokertov Bakery

Freshly baked or selected by Hannah Verheyden

by Hannah Verheyden
€ 5.00

Drinks & Deli store

Israeli pornstar party
4 serves of Pornstar Martini, Including a botlle of bubbles, Soler Jové
€ 39.00
Limonana Pet 200ml
Lemon - mint - Lemonade
€ 3.50
Limonana Jar 500ml
€ 6.00
Iced tea
Pomegranate - tea melange smaba -orange blossom
€ 3.50
Iced Tea Jar 500ml
Pomegranate - tea melange smaba -orange blossom
€ 6.00
Israeli Craft Beer Selection (5)
Green- Israeli Wheat- Black- Saison- Blonde
€ 20.00
Yarden Odem Organic
€ 32.00
Le Petit Balthazar White 2019
Viognier- Sauvignon Blanc
€ 22.00
Ai Galera Red Wine 2018
Castelao- Trincadeira- Tinta Miuda
€ 22.00
Le Petit Balthazar Rosé 2019
€ 22.00
Cola 33cl
€ 3.00
Cola zero 33cl
€ 3.00
Chaudfontaine blauw pet 50cl
€ 3.00
Chaudfontaine Red Pet 50cl
€ 3.00
Coffee mok
€ 11.00